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DistortedRealityStudios: Practicing more photo editing this weekend was worth it. Cosplay by: EZCosplay and Cosplay Magic with modifications by myself Prop by: CosJoy Makeup, wig styling, photo and editing by: myself Editing in: Airbrush, Lightroom, Photoshop CS5, and Clip Studio Paint

DistortedRealityStudios: A more recent photo render .hack//Sign Tsukasa cosplay image. Received a upscale camera to help bring out the photos better. Image idea is based on .hack//Versus..involving a spinning move that creates lightning..the attack hurts the opponent pretty badly upon contact..that’s why it’s used more in self defense. Cosplay was made by: EZCosplay and Cosplay Magic, with modifications from the owner/model. Prop was made by commission by CosJoy. Photo was modified in Photoshop CS5, Clip Studio Paint and Lightroom.

AsgardArmory: Big changes and announcements coming to the site soon! Stay tuned!

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